3 years, 2 Bolts and 1 goodbye

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Feb 6, 2021
I got an email from "Tech Admin" today to come back, so I did, but only to say, "goodbye and fair thee well." I'm out of Barraland, at least for the foreseeable future, after 8 years of Volts and Bolts and years of a Blazer, a Tracker and a couple of Corvairs decades ago.

After all of my (thankfully overestimated) financial gymnastics (see link to my original post), my total out of pocket with trade of my 2023 Bolt EUV Premier, including the non-refundable $250 deposit, was $18,858.75. My best deal was on the outgoing "free" Midnight Silver, at $48,990 less a $4,410 inventory discount, which I believe will also be the best for the lowest combination of rock chips, paint swirls, light dust and water-spots. I'm NOT going to spend 10% or more of the total MSRP on PPF. It's not a Model S or a Model X, for goodness' sake! It's just my MY and it's just a car! (But it is worth $30 of perfect-fitting, no-drill, splashguards on all 4 wheel wells and $150 for full coverage custom-fitting floor, cargo, under-cargo, front and rear seatback protection.)

Stock photo - it's NOT purple!

This was: 10 days before delivery!

Final note: when you trash Teslas, you trash all EVs and you give the anti-EV haters more dis/misinformation to spread, hurting all of us. Take care and I'll see y'all at a Supercharger soon. Don't forget to bring your J3400 adapter. I carry a J1772/CCS to NACS adapter for Electrocute America and for the dual voltage Bolt EUV charger I kept (Tesla specifically didn't require it).