Charging Error at EVgo & at home

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Apr 1, 2023
My bolt EUV is having the same problem at home & at evgo chargers. I have a dedicated 240v 30amp circuit in the garage & about a month ago it started tripping the the breaker. At the DC charger I got charging error detected. Isolation fault detected. An unsafe situation was prevented. All the while my monthly emailed diagnostics are coming in normal & no lights are on in the gauge cluster. I’m hoping the service center won’t find nothing wrong because the problem has been very repeatable at my home. I hope the fix is permanent.
I've had some older EVgo DCFC units near me 'time out' prematurely with a "Charging Error" message.
Those ABB units have had issues from the early days for me & not just with Bolts.

I've not had a problem at home on my Bosch level 2 charger.

A 240V, 30A circuit for full Level 2 charging at your home would be a RED FLAG.
Full Level 2 will draw at least 32A, 240V and a 40A circuit with the wires feeding it appropriately sized is required for that.
This may be why your car is tripping the breaker, showing an error at home.

You make a good point about the home charger. Unlike Tesla, Chevy doesn’t allow for amperage adjustments in the car or app. The thing is it didn’t trip the breaker when I first got the car. I charged it every day for months without the breaker tripping which means something changed. It’s in for service now & it should be something they can easily duplicate because it consistently trips my breaker in 4-6 minutes which again is something that it did not initially do. If the 30amp breaker is not sufficient, I don’t see how it worked without issue for as long as it did.