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Oct 13, 2017
Check Engine light came on and noticed the A/C was not performing as usual. Pressed the onstar button and asked what the code was and what it meant. Here is what they told me:

Code P1F0A The Lithium-Ion Battery is not performing as expected. An issue has been detected in the Battery Conditioning System which provides heating and cooling for the battery pack on your electric vehicle to ensure efficient operating conditions.

Went home put my ODB II read and found other codes: U179A, U182D, and P1E00.

Went to dealer diagnosed need to replace the A/C unit. Needed to be ordered, Will updated when it gets installed.
Dropped car at Dealer Was told its a 4 hr job to install new A/C unit. Was Given a Loaner. Next day picked up seems OK.
thanks for posting your issue. I think mine is similar and it's resolved now.

Appx July1 I noticed MIL light, might have been there 0-2 days, but def. noticed lack-of-AC immediately. 2017 regular trim Bolt bought used at 16K miles now 24.7K, and warranty at 2.5years ending at 3. Pulled the Bolt engine codes P1E00 and P1F0A are present. Your post was reassuring as the ONLY reference I found.

Gave the Bolt to our Chevy location in Maryland, they had to order a compressor, and we took the car back with instructions that short trips are ok, but the compressor cools the battery so no long trips. Followup was not diligent so after 5-6 days with no update, SWMBO calls, hears compressor is in, and gets an appt next day to be done in about 4 hours, then almost got delayed another days for EV-tech-availability, probably because he was working on a gas car first. SWMBO did not seek out the area manager but happened to discuss it with him, and the EV-tech was made available.

So bottom line, warranty work, 8 days, $1500 cost... back to normal for now. I really missed the car. I would hate this to happen at 3.5years.
2017 Bolt Premier model in service Nov. 2017: The last week of August 2024 I noticed my A/C was only getting cold intermittently then A/C quit getting cold at all. When the A/C stopped working completely, the yellow CHECK CAR on the right side of the driver information center also lit up. Loss of A/C is a potential serious error because A/C is used to cool the HV battery heat exchanger.

My scan tool indicated that Hybrid Powertrain Control Module 2 was logging error P1F0A. The manufacturer specific explanation is electric HVAC compressor speed too low.

I called a local dealer and arranged for Service to check the Bolt. They agreed P1F0A was the error code. After resetting codes, P1F0A showed again immediately. A compressor failure is unusual, so dealer wanted to bring in an GM EV expert to decide if the compressor is bad and/or HPCM2 is bad. The expert analysis was that the compressor had an internal short. A new compressor and two seals were installed, PAG oil level balanced and correct amount of R1234yf gas reinstalled.

The good news is because of the unusual circumstances of the failure that GM covered the repair under warranty. I went in assuming it was going to be an expensive repair.