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Mar 22, 2018
Im new to posting but I saw several post about playing video on chevy Bolt.
So far, the posts I've read were very vague. This is how I did it on the first attempt.
I used a Mac to format a 4 gig flash drive using the DOS Fat format option.
I went to youtube, chose a video, copied the link. I paste the link on a you tube video to mp4 convert website using the 720p resolution choice.
Copied file to my newly formatted flash drive. Then I took the flash drive to my car and place it in the USB port. It showed up on the media player I chose the movie file and BAM!!!!! the movie showed up and I played it.
EL8ctric, When did you get your Bolt? What version firmware does it have? Some people have indicated that firmware version 13.x.x (early to mid 2017) will play videos but that the newest firmware 14.4.2 will not.
sspattison: I have never been able to get a video to play in my Bolt last year, but I am willing to try again...

Is firmware upgraded over-the-air? If not, I have only taken mine in for service once at 15,000 for a tire rotation and I do not know if they upgraded the firmware.

I will try this and report back...
I formatted an 8 GB flashdrive as MSDOS (FAT) on my Mac.

I went to a YouTube Video and copied the link.

I went to and had this site convert the link to mp4.

I downloaded the resulting mp4 and copied it to my flashdrive.

I plugged the flashdrive into my Bolt EV and violå it played when selecting the proper items in Gallery.

I did note that my Software Upgrade preferences did NOT allow for automatic software upgrades. I could not determine what version I have, as the screen with software versions, has so much information, I could not scroll slow enough to read it properly.
For the technically minded, I ran the converted YouTube video through MediaInfo Mac and here are the results:

  • General / Container Stream #1
    Total Video Streams for this File : 1
    Total Audio Streams for this File : 1
    Video Codecs Used : AVC
    Audio Codecs Used : AAC LC
    File Format : MPEG-4
    Play Time : 9mn 4s
    Total File Size : 13.5 MiB
    Total Stream BitRate : 207 Kbps
    Video Stream #1
    Codec (Human Name) : AVC
    Codec (FourCC) : avc1
    Codec Profile : [email protected]
    Frame Width : 480 pixels
    Frame Height : 360 pixels
    Frame Rate : 29.970 fps
    Total Frames : 16325
    Display Aspect Ratio : 4:3
    Scan Type : Progressive
    Color Space : YUV
    Codec Settings (Summary) : 1 Ref Frames
    QF (like Gordian Knot) : 0.072
    Codec Settings (CABAC) : No
    Codec Settings (Reference Frames) : 1
    Video Stream Length : 9mn 4s 710ms
    Video Stream BitRate : 374 Kbps
    Video Stream BitRate Mode : VBR
    Bit Depth : 8 bits
    Video Stream Size : 24.3 MiB
    Audio Stream #1
    Codec : AAC
    Codec (FourCC) : 40
    Audio Stream Length : 9mn 4s 763ms
    Audio Stream BitRate : 96.0 Kbps

    Audio Stream BitRate Mode : VBR
    Number of Audio Channels : 2
    Audio Channel's Positions : Front: L R
    Sampling Rate : 44.1 KHz
    Audio Stream Size : 6.23 MiB (46%)
    Audio Stream Title : IsoMedia File Produced by Google, 5-11-2011
    Date of Original Encoding : UTC 2013-12-12 05:25:08
I Got the “battery issues” recall software update at the dealer while asking them not to install the “infotainment” recall update.

I can still play mp4 videos.

Where do I find the Infotainment software version number?
Hey guys; my video was working fine, I went and did the update 14.4.2 and now no more video. Chevy, I love the car please don’t take away the amenities. Those little features make the bolt one of a kind. But now, I feel sooo disappointed. I had no idea doing an update would take away features. Chevy do the right thing and bring back my video capabilities or tell us what format to use to get video back on the luxurious infotainment screen.