Data Request for 2020 Bolt Battery Capacity Measurements

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Feb 19, 2017
Bakersfield, California 93305
I am looking for drivers of 2020 Bolts who have kept records of consumption and State-of-Charge.

What I am looking for are records of

Odometer reading; State-of-Charge; kWh consumed

If you have such records, please send them to me, [email protected].

Note: do not send me anything confidential. If you don't want the data or your name used, don't send me anything.

Unlike earlier Bolts, the 2020 does not transmit battery capacity or has blocked transmission of this signal to the OBD reader. As a consequence, drivers have no formal way of tracking their battery capacity.

However, we can infer battery capacity by knowing how much percentage of the battery was used for so many kWh consumed between full charges.

For example, on a recent trip beginning with a full charge we consumed 54.3 kWh and arrived home with 14.1% SOC. Thus 54.3 kWh/(1-14.1%) = 63.2 kWh. We have 2,200 miles on the odometer.

Ideally, I'd like this information on full chargers (100%) as I'd like to reduce the unknowns as much as possible. Similarly, to compare to our car, data on the first few thousand miles would be best.

Why do I want this data? I am curious. I write about our experience driving electric and at the moment all I have is anecdotal information--our experience--and I'd like to see if others find similar results.

Related to this, does anyone know how to get this same information on the Hyundai Kona EV?

Paul Gipe