Design defect in 110v charger

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Sep 11, 2021
Just a heads up. The EVSE level 1 charge adapter has a design defect that will interrupt charging in a hot sunny climate. There is a temperature sensor inside the power plug that shuts off charging when it gets too hot--generally a good feature to protect against resistive overload. HOWEVER, I live in South Louisiana on USA, where the sun is quite strong. And I charge outside, meaning the plug is in the open sun. The geniuses at Chevy colored the plug black, which means it adds 30-40 degrees F. to the ambient temperature and triggers the overheat shutoff every afternoon.
The charger beeps for about two minutes, then shuts off. If I unplug it and put the plug in the shade, I can restart it in an hour. I guess I could put a fan on it. Or paint it white. Or wrap in aluminum foil.
OR, you could use some of your junk mail to make a white 'tent', with 'flaps' on the sides and use two rocks to hold down the paper so that it doesn't blow away. Then you place the 'tent' over the plug so that it is in the shade. Voilà !!
My Clipper Creek L2 20 amp charger went berserk twice in my covered garage during the ultra-heat waves of 110 degree heat outside!

Luckily I noticed this problem while it was happening and unplugged the charger (I have the plug in model) and let it cool off.

I now have my Bolt EV set at home to finish charging at 7am, which means if I come home in the hot afternoon, it will not start to charge until late in the cooler evening.