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Seems like the free EA juice we've been seeing at some locations is more official now:
I can confirm that I charged free at EA in the SF east bay on December 24 .. and A Merry Christmas to ALL!

-- Talking with another EV driver there we decided while VW did some bad things it's effort in making amends Re: 'Dieselgate' has been a good thing for US.

AJ says
"A nice surprise indeed, AJ! Enjoy that free charging through Jan. 3rd, 3am EST, at any charger on our network. -NF" (removed emoticons/icons as they were causing the message to be rejected)
Free juice should be over now, but this a word of warning to anyone in NY using Evolve NY:
It will be free again on Earth Day (4/22/22). See for caveats and actual hours.