I had a full aftermarket sound system installed. Major improvement!

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SmokingRubber said:
I can crank the volume so loud that I can sing along without hearing myself

You know your stereo system is loud when...

But seriously, I don't understand the appeal. Music that loud physically hurts. Why would I want to hurt myself intentionally?
Great post, thanks for sharing! Just wondering how much energy your system pulls. Have you noticed a reduction in range with the upgrade? Thanks for considering!
So I've been agonizing over the decision of whether or not the LT sound system might be acceptable vs. my disdain for leather in the Premier. (Who knows, LT might be good enough, I test drive on Saturday)

Seeing this makes it clear I have other options as far as sound - thanks! I think I'm just going to go with LT plus options.
So.... I actually do product reviews for audio products. I jumped on the Bolt due to price, and availability. I wasn't keep on paying for the Bose system as I knew I would like to put in something much better. In general.... I'm not a fan of Bose. Look at the specs of their products, and they don't publish frequency response. And when I bought the car, I opted for the extended warranty for 8 years and 100k miles. So it covers everything including the stereo system. So now I have a delema. Replace a stereo system that has such a huge lengthy warranty, or stay with the Bose. ???

Unlike some previous posts.... I sometimes listen to it loud. But not THAT loud. Lol. I have a system worth close to $10k on my other vehicle that's a fully active system. Speakers hand made in Germany. I pulled out the stuff in the back tomsee the sub, and did some searching online. It looks to be a small 5.25 or 6.5 inch woofer. Looking at the plastic enclosure there is a port at the end. And looking at the size of the enclosure.....in Bose fashion....it appears to be a labyrinth. The port must go back and forth to produce a very lengthy port.

I did a bunch of listening and also took some measurements from my handheld SPL meter. I listened to test tones from 55hz down to 25hz. And it seems to put out down to 30, maybe 29hz at -3db. That's not bad.

While this Bose system isn't as good as my other system. It actually is pretty good for a system provided by the manufacturer. It doesn't have the imaging or the resolution of my other system. But it's good enough I may not change it for now. Maybe add a better sub. While the sub does do pretty good, I would like more. Lol
A couple other things to think about....Bose would have tuned the system for the vehicle. And, I would also assume that the components used are more energy efficient, to help conserve your vehicles range. Although I could be wrong. And if you didn't get any kind of extended warranty.....the speakers from what I saw online are just cheap paper cones. Aftermarket ones would be much better made.