Lease return - Tire and scratch scrutiny

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New member
Feb 26, 2020
Hey there,

So have a 3 year lease through GMAC due back in Novermber.

My understanding is tires have to be 1/8 inch 4/32 or greater. They seem to be wearing fast. How closely did they scritnizethe tires upon returning? Any tips? Hate t buy a new set f tires when i turn it in!

Also have a 3 inch or so scratch on the liftgate and some scuffs on the headliner. Its black, so might use a sharpie to make the scratch less noticeable if it doesn't buff out. Were they super strict n this stuff?

Yes, No, Maybe. It's so random; some don't sweat the small stuff, but they will most likely ding you on bald tires because they have to replace them to send it to the auction.

jack vines
in my case they discovered abnormal wear on the insides of both front tires (< 3/32" of tread) and together with curb rash, have come up with a total bill of $410. $85 to repair the curb rash on one side and $162 per tire including labor. the curb rash on the left rear was considered normal wear and tear and has a bill of $20 but i guess i'm not responsible for that.

we do have the XS wear insurance so this should be covered per conversation with GM.