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May 19, 2023
It looks like a great EV but I don't know anyone who has one that I can ask questions - i.e. perfomance, durability, charging and so on. I'm located in the SF Bay Area and looking at different dealerships selling pre-owned certified EVs and Hybrids. The hybrids seem to be a little harder to find these days and it was what I wanted as we don't have a charging station in our condo complex. But since I work from home and basically run shopping errands, take my pup to the dog park the EV may work as I may not have to charge it so often.

Any helpful thoughts would be greatly appreciated. :?:
Just saw this post as no one comes here anymore! Crickets…

I purchased my 2019 in August 2019 and now have 65,000 miles.

Only maintenance: 4 new tires and change cabin air filter.

Can you charge at 120 volts? Slow but with your limited usage it is workable.

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You should look at a mobile app called plugshare. (It is also a web site at plugshare.com). It is completely free and a great way to find chargers near where you live - very important if you can't charge at home.
You can configure it to only show certain charging networks, or certain types of chargers or charger plugs (240V plug, j1772, fast chargers). When I first used it, I turned off ALL networks, and then enabled them on a one-by-one basis to see which networks had a bunch of chargers around where I lived / worked. That way I knew which charging networks were worth subscribing FOR MY SITUATION.

Also, you can tell the app/browser to only show FREE charging spots !! That is useful around home, as well as if you are going on a trip that is over half your range. (There used to be free chargers near my local library, so I would plug in there for 2-3 hours to charge up the EV every now and then while I read a book in the air-conditioned library.)