Severe "chatter" in steering wheel on 2017 Bolt EV

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Feb 5, 2019
We recently experienced periods of severe though very intermittent "chatter" (vibration) in the steering wheel of our 2017 Bolt EV. Took the vehicle in for tire balancing and wheel alignment, but this didn't cure the issue and was found not to be the problem. Current tire wear is normal with plenty of spare tread before we need new tires.

Based on the intermittent nature of this problem, I suspect there's something going haywire in a part of the electronic controls on our vehicle -- power steering, anti-lock brakes, automatic tracking controls, perhaps.

Has anyone else experienced and dealt successfully with resolving this issue?

Please advise.

If it is noise that occurs while driving and not which stationary, then it may be simple tie-rod end. I had a bothersome noise about 3 years ago that the dealer said was in the rack and pinion steering. (Some 2017's apparently had that problem.) The dealer replaced the rack and pinion in ours 2017 ($2600!) and the noise was still there. They insisted on replacing it again (no charge this time) and the noise was still there. Finally, they replaced the left front ball joint and the noise went away and is fine 20,000 miles later.
I have this problem and it is brake related: the calipers lock onto the discs and cause the shuddering. The wheels heat up dramatically as a result and sometimes there is the strong smell of brake pad “burning”. I replaced the first caliper that had this problem and then the opposite sir front brake had the same issue (within weeks).

It doesn’t appear to be related to the brake electronics as it only happens on one side at a a time.

I have read that it is caused by sticky caliper cylinder. It just happened on the highway again. I have read the recommendation and on repeatedly and strongly apply the brakes without regen and have done this. It seems to temporarily resolve the locked up state. I am about to replace the other caliper now.