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Jul 31, 2017
Here we go. I've been having brake issues for a while now, which have only gotten worse once new pads were installed. My right front caliper is sticking, and while it released on its own after a hard brake event the last time it happened, today it returned. Family was driving the car and when they returned home, they reported a severe shudder, the "Propulsion Power is Reduced" message, along with the master warning light. The right front wheel was (almost) smoking hot and the car barely rolls under its own weight. Kinda surprised the car went into a limited state due to rolling resistance. Guess GM really doesn't want anyone towing trailers with these.

Posting this here more to share than to troubleshoot since the car is going to the dealer for a full brake job to resolve it. 2017 model year with 47,000 miles. Rust belt car, so salty roads in the winter.

I thought electric cars weren't supposed to have brake issues.