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Apr 11, 2018
My first post after joining this forum was responded to by a total creep. Attacked me personally. I had never interacted with this person in my life but their welcome to me was a ridiculously rude and hateful reply.

Then I saw that you had the FOE feature where we can block trolls and haters. I've never seen that in a forum before. It might be common but it was new to me.

It's a really efficient way to block out haters, trolls and jerks. They have every right to be here, I suppose, but not having to see any of that is brilliant.

Nice feature! Thank you.
People have the duty to act kindly towards others, but we are all responsible for our own well-being. That means having a thick skin, and not letting randos on the internet manipulate our emotions.

As annoying as some people are, I've not blocked anyone before. Even annoying people can have interesting or useful comments from time to time.