What do you think of Tesla's New Pickup

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Jun 5, 2019
CA/OR border
Lots of pics on the net. Check it out.
Delivery by 2021. Starts at 39.9k. Up to 500 mile range.
Single motor. Dual motor. And yes I read.. 3 motors. Not sure why?
Rivian certainly has nothing to worry about. The Tesla "pickup" will mainly appeal to Tesla fan-boyz , and won't make much (if any) encroachment in America's heartland (i.e., traditional pickup buyers).

Personally, I think that a PHEV pickup is the best first step - the one likely to get the middle of America to buy EV pickups. A pickup that has a 45-mile electric range and a 400 mile range on gas would sell.
I am a carpenter. That truck is utterly useless as a truck. Its just another toy for people who want to deliver their golf clubs in style. I liked the Bollinger, although it was a little over the top, until I saw the starting price. Once again, nothing for the trades people who do tons of local driving and could really benefit from a practical truck.
That "prototype" of a 4 wheeled vehicle will never be made... It is not a pickup, it is not a car, it is nothing but futuristic eye candy. My teen sons would like it because it looks like it fits with the "HALO" video game "Warthog" 4x4 vehicle.

Why did they have to show that you can hit it with a sledge hammer, or show how to break the window. It is a play toy for some men to fantasize. I would say that there is only room for 2 front passengers, and barely room for rear. Rear storage would fit an attache case.

What a joke..