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Nov 7, 2021
I'm seriously thinking about getting a Bolt. I live in New York. Can anyone give me an idea about what I might expect for a drop in range over the winter? I just bought a Spark EV last year, and while I was expecting a winter drop, I was a bit surprised at how severe the drop has been. If I use the heat like I would in an ICE car, I'll see my range cut IN HALF or worse! I mostly don't drive the Spark very far, so it's not a big issue. If I use the heat sparingly (but suspect my wife uses it more), I'm still losing 30 - 40 % of range. For those of you in northern climes, what are you all seeing with your Bolts? For reference, I'm on Long Island in New York.
If you signup for the Sirius/XM 3 month free trial, your range in winter go up, too! :D

I couldn't resist the joke after reading your experiences with SXM.

I LOVE my 2019 Bolt EV after a 3 year lease of my 2017 Bolt EV after my 3 year lease of a 2014 Volt, but weather here in Los Angeles does not present the challenges you will face there.

That being said GM has clearly learned much from their early Spark EV days!
Haha, thank you. You really made me smile, no, laugh out loud. I see other cars (like Kia and Hyundai) using more efficient heat pumps in their electric cars. Wish Chevy had done the same. Still, I'm hoping the Bolt does a bit better than the Spark. I'll still probably get the Bolt, regardless, and still love the Spark.