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Infotainment screen black & does not reboot, but sound works

Tue Feb 26, 2019 9:57 pm

Four days ago, after a 60k drive and 30 minutes of parking, the infotainment screen did not come on when we started the car. The sound still worked, but not the screen. As well, we could access the radio through the steering wheel controls; but all other features were inaccessible (including heat, which is pretty much a necessity right now).

We ran through the reboot process multiple times, and then hoped letting it "rest" through the night would help. It didn't. We took it to the dealer yesterday, and they concluded the infotainment unit was faulty and ordered a new one. They installed it today, but the problem is not fixed. The dealer rep says they have no idea what the problem is but they're going to keep looking until they solve it. That's great, but we'd sure like our car back. Has anyone else run into this? Thanks.

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Re: Infotainment screen black & does not reboot, but sound works

Fri Apr 12, 2019 3:57 am

Press and hold Home+FF (the two buttons to the right of the volume knob) for ~7 seconds and the infotainment system will reboot.

If that fails, disconnect the 12V battery and leave for 10 minutes or so. That'll force a complete restart of all the computers, which should fix it.

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