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Re: How Much I Paid for My Bolt

Tue Sep 24, 2019 8:32 pm

NJBolt wrote:Just picked up a Bolt Premier fully loaded for $32,226 out the door. MSRP was $43,510 or so. After the $3750 federal credit the net price will be just under $28,500. No state rebate but no sales tax in NJ on EVs.

No other dealer would come close to that number, but I think getting $34,000 out the door (excluding any sales tax if your state has one) is possible right now.

Not having a state rebate but no sales tax on EVs is better than NYS in real money. NYS has a $2000 rebate, but you pay sales tax on the gross offer before rebates, including manufacturer rebates and their own state rebate. My sales tax exceeded the NYS rebate in real money.

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Re: How Much I Paid for My Bolt

Wed Sep 25, 2019 1:59 am

I just put a deposit on a Premier for $33k out the door (including MD tax). MSRP $44,295. Should be picking up later this week.

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Re: How Much I Paid for My Bolt

Wed Sep 25, 2019 4:01 am

I saw this last week: painted on the rear widow on New Bolts in my neck of the woods. $15,000 off MSRP.
These cars did did not last very long on the dealers lot.

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Re: How Much I Paid for My Bolt

Sun Sep 29, 2019 1:06 pm

New owner as of yesterday - first EV, first GM. Paid 30490 for kinetic blue Premier, DC Fast charge, infotainment and driver confidence 2 packages. MSRP 44130. The dealer with the best advertised price was in a rural area of central Minnesota 100 miles from my house so it did involve a bit of a road trip. Too bad my state has no tax credit, in fact they charge a $75 extra fee annually for registration of an EV. Net after adding TTL and subtracting the fed tax credit will come to 29515.

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Re: How Much I Paid for My Bolt

Wed Oct 02, 2019 12:59 am

Bought a '19 Grey Premier w/ infotainment and DC2 yesterday:

MSRP: $43,735
Price: $29,801.68
Price+Taxes: $31,654.68

Last day to get the $3,750 federal + the $5,000 Colorado rebate.

I traded in my '17 LT Bolt, which had $2,500 worth of back bumper/light damage. They gave me $16,500 for it.

So it will cost me about $3,900 to go from the '17 LT to the '19 Premier.

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