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Aug 1, 2021
This November it will be 10 years since I bought my first Volt new 2012 factory ordered to get the new color. Next I bought a 2016 Volt and the Wife drove the 2012 till it was traded for the 2017 Bolt I bought then GM bought it back this year and put me in a 2021 Premier. I have been minimizing my fossil fuel use since day one and feel like I am doing something good for our environment and my wallet. Most people just don't understand but the way EV's are improving and giving everyone more choices maybe they will get the hint soon Please. I tried to post pics but they were all too big.
I've been driving pure BEVs as my primary car over 8 years now. I've been w/o an ICEV in the household since end of Jan 2019.

- Started with leased '13 Leaf end of July 2013.
- Bought a used '13 Leaf to replace it in mid-July 2015.
- Returned 1st Leaf a few weeks later.
- Got '19 Bolt at end of Jan 2019 and sold my ICEV (06 Prius that I bought new and had for 13 years).
- Finally sold used '13 Leaf in June 2021.