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Feb 15, 2023
Got my Bolt EV in January 2023 -- I'd had an order in with the dealer since August 2022, but no signs of life. So when they had a used 2020 on the lot with a brand new battery and only 14,000 miles, I pounced. Not wild about the gray color (I'd ordered the blue), but otherwise I love the car and it's a significant upgrade from my 2012 Leaf.

Haven't done much to it besides adding a cargo net in the back, new rubber floor mats, and a wireless Carplay dongle. Also painted the front emblem all black, and removed the back window emblem when I was washing the window and found that it was loose. I'd also been considering more expensive EVs, but now I plan to hold onto the Bolt for a few years, then look at all the new EVs that will be available.

The only issue I've had is squeaking/creaking noises coming from under the car. I have a warranty from the dealership I bought it at, and they have replaced the front axles, but the back still creaks. They don't have a fix for this yet. Anyone else experience creaking noises?


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