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Jan 15, 2020
Enon, VA
While my car was not affected, due to the battery issue, after three years and 27,000 miles, I convinced GM to buy it back under the Virginia lemon law. In December 2016, I had paid $40,000 out the door, and in March, 2020, GM paid me $39,960, so $40 to use it for three years, but, since I had received the $7,500 tax credit, I actually made $7,460. I took the GM money, and bought a 2021 Tesla Model 3, which I drove for six months. As a retired guy, I found it too much car for my around-the-town driving, so I gave it to my son for Christmas. In January, 2022, I bought a 2018 Smart ForTwo EQ, which I'm still driving. I was excited to hear that GM was planning to bring back the Bolt in 2025, using the Ultimum battery and I will serious consider purchasing one, if that comes to fruition.


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