2020 Bolt EV LT: Reverse camera grid lines not coming on

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Mar 31, 2021
I have a brand new car, 180 miles on the clock. When we start the car and put it in reverse, the camera turns on but the grid lines don't come on even if the option is set in the preferences. I researched it, found a thread on Reddit: I tried resetting the infotainment centre, warming up the car before turning it on, wait a good couple of minutes before shifting the car in reverse. Nothing will turn on the grid lines. If I put the car from reverse to drive, the grid lines come up for a second with the usual button to disable/enable grid lines then the screen goes blank as in should in drive mode.

If I notice the grid lines are missing in R, sometimes just dropping the car in D and then back in R will turn them on but not every time. However, once i see the grid lines in R, they always come on if I go in and out of R.

Has anyone seen this? It seems to be a commonly known issue with the Bolt from what I can see. What is the cause and what can be done about it?