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Dec 23, 2020
So I leased 1 2020 Bolt LT in early September. I also work for a Chevrolet Dealer in Rochester Hills MI for the last 24 years. First of all the Bolt is one of the best cars I have ever owned and that covers a lot of vehicles. I have one issue though that is driving me crazy. The Back Up Camera launches immediately when I shift to reverse, problem is the grid lines do not show up. I have waited up to 20 seconds after starting before shifting to reverse and same story. As soon as I go back to park though the camera display shows the grid lines. Back to reverse and still nothing. Only way they seem to reliably work is when the vehicle is warmed up for a few minutes before trying to shift to reverse. Anyone else notice this issue? I ran it by our Service manager he looked for information about this and all he found we notes from GM about shifting from Park too quickly being the possible cause. I made a video this morning and showed it to him and now he thinks it might need an update. So I will probably put it in service after Christmas and let them check it out. I have 2 other Chevys a 19 Trax and 19 Equinox and none of them, or any other GM car I have had in the last 5 or 6 years since the Grid Lines were incorporated to the Back Up Camera have had this issue. This seems to be a cold weather issue as I did not experience this problem in September, or early October at all. My Bolt now has 5600 miles on it so it does not sit around a lot.
I have a new (purchased 1-24-2021) 2020 Bolt and just about 100 miles. My car just started doing the same thing, no gridlines on the screen. It has the option up at the bottom to switch them on and off but doesn't seem to care which setting. I guess it will go back to the dealer and see if they can fix it.
i don't know if it will help, but you can press "home" + "FF" to reset the system. Kinda like CTL-ALT-DEL on a computer.
Or, as a last resort, disconnect (use a 10mm wrench) the negative 12V battery lead for 10-15 seconds. This resets the computer.