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New member
Jun 3, 2024
Bought new in November of 2023. My first EV, liking it so far. Only major issue that I have had is getting an unable to charge message on the multi function display. Aside from the 7500 mile service, it has been back to the dealership twice for the unable to charge issue. They have replaced a couple of switches or connections and I am still getting the same error message. Not sure if it’s the car or my level 2 charger (Juicebox 32) that I purchased from my electric utility (SMUD). Any insight would be appreciated. Attached is a photo of the error message that I have been getting.

I also have a 2023 Bolt and just recently started getting the "Unable to charge" message after a bit of charging. I am using the original dual charger and using a 220v port. Has worked for over a year no problem. My Charger device goes to a solid amber and charging stops. Manuals say it may be due to overheating but this happens at night when it is relatively cool. I have not had to have my car serviced yet.