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Dec 6, 2016
I purchased my Bolt LT in January of 2017 and have put just a hair under 30k miles on it. Other than having to replace the main info unit under warranty (I'll get to that issue momentarily) I have encountered zero maintenance issues other than replacing a set of tires with the OEM Michelins. My lifetime efficiency is 4.2 mile/kWh, which works out to a computed range on full charge of 252 miles, making the Bolt the very first vehicle I have ever owned the first to exceed EPA. I would put my city/highway driving distance ratio as 6 to 4, but it could be 50:50. I drive very, very quickly from a stop, frequently using the Sport button, but keep to under 75 mph on the freeways. I always use Hilltop Reserve setting and the longest trip I have made was exactly 201 miles. I charge off of a 16A 220V circuit at home, which takes overnight to fully charge. I have noticed no degradation of battery capacity and the body panels have retained their original taughtness, with no squeaks or rattles.

As for the info/head unit, I noticed quirks from around 10k miles and had it replaced at around 18k miles. These quirks included intermittent power-on failure, delayed power-on, sluggishness transitioning between modes, failure to display the reverse camara feed, and finally and most interestingly, constant reverse camara feed which, if you've ever watched yourself driving down the freeway looking backwards proved to be the final straw. The unit was replaced and since then I have only encountered one or two power-on delays. In thinking back and doing a little experimentation I hypothesize that the source of many but perhaps not all of these problems stems from powering the vehicle on with my iPhone connected. I had a hunch that some comms/protocol error was being induced upon vehicle startup if my iPhone was pre-connected via USB, as I have tried to replicate the initial problems and the only time I could induce a screen failure was on vehicle startup with iPhone connected. Since then I always start the vehicle with the iPhone disconnected, wait for the screen to awaken, and then plug my iPhone in. No troubles yet, but if my hunch proves wrong I'll come back and comment.

I love this vehicle. It is super quick in city driving, with more functional power in the L mode (or even standard mode) than my three past BMWs (two of which were 335's) and a Subaru WRX. Other than the whopping torque steer, which I kinda like, it handles terrifically for what it is too. I regard it as a super sleeper and drive it as such.

I'm not fond at all of the Siruis XM default on the radio setting, but I've had no issues with seat comfort as reported by many though, to be fair, I am slight of build and could imagine huskier drivers/riders to feel that the seats are too narrow. I favor a tight seat and abhor plushness.