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Mar 1, 2017
I put a large number of albums on a thumb drive. For the longest time I had it shuffling songs in all the folders so I get a great mix of my music. But over the weekend I wanted to play one specific album for a friend in the car. The problem I have now is I can't figure out how to return to an "all folder" shuffle. My system just keeps only playing what is within the folder.

Anyone know how I can return to the previous state? I can't find anything in the manual on how to do that and I see nothing anywhere on the sound home screen about that. I am driving a brand new 2021 Bolt LT.

... I’ll check

In the meantime, erase all the other folders?!? :D :mrgreen: :)

Have you tried pulling it out for 10 minutes and then plugging it back in?
Go to the Audio screen and select Albums and pick your Album and there be sure Shuffle is turned off (and Repeat too)