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SoCalif said:
Last Updates - finally received a final call.

10 days ago, I received a envelope in the mail with a report with total detail called an air bag report. Didn't expect or need it, since it never deployed, and the report means nothing with only pages of diagnostic codes on them.

Today I received a phone call from GM claims department (funny since I never submitted receipts or amounts), and she simply said, the "claim was denied because the car operated as it should have", and that "GM will be sending a letter stating the claim was denied".

I then asked if in the report the letter had any specific details about the diagnostic scans, and the sequence of events that happened, and how and what happened.

She said no, "the only info she has and could send are the reports I already have with the diagnostic codes on them".

So simply put as I see them, GM is simply denying any responsibility and not being open and honest about the sequence of events, probably because there is more to this, and knowing for such a minor non injury issue (thank god), there would be no reason for us or anyone to go to a lawyer and file a lawsuit in order to Subpoena for the detailed records.

So yes, after all this team we basically knew GM would "NEVER" accept any responsibility for anything, nor would they be Open and Honest, because could or might open a can of worms.

So YES, I accept and have paid for and am paying for this mistake of not using the Parking Brake and not having a garage cam. I am now putting it in Park (like it does automatically), using the Parking Brake, and in addition I AM using Wheel Chocks/Blocks. PLUS I now have a garage cam.......

I think you're in the wrong thread. Too bad nobody is willing to take responsibility for their own actions and feel it's someone
else's fault they did something STUPID.. ;-P