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Jul 9, 2017
Here she is in my garage, with a full charge, and chatting to my all electric fishing boat, and EGO zero-turn electric riding mower, which is not quite visible in back. The boat has a Torqeedo Cruise 6.0 LT (9.9 h.p. equivalent) electric motor with Torqeedo LI-ion batteries.
The car has done about 42000 miles with no effort or maintenance other than tire rotations. A recent water spill on the console usb port resulted in a $500 expense to replace them. Daylight robbery, and the usb ports should not be so vulnerable.
Our house has geothermal HVAC, and 76 solar panels, resulting in no electricity bills, and essentially net zero fossil fuels.
I should add that I obtained the battery replacement on my Bolt EV, which gives a nice chunk of extra mileage that is very useful. I use the roof rack all the time for hauling things like ladders and canoes. The back of the vehicle has just the right space for my wife's wheelchair, while opening up the back with seats down is great for hauling a mountain of tools and equipment.
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