Cruise Control Freezes After Braking

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Mar 20, 2021
I have 2019 Chevrolet Bolt. It has been in the shop for 20+ days with a cruise control issue.

When I am at speed (45-65 mph) in "L" mode I lightly brake (pedal/steering paddle), and the car then the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel fail to do anything. I either have to completely stop the car or apply hard brake pressure before I can set the cruise control again. Twice the cruise control has stopped working all by itself at cruise speed. In 100 miies in moderate traffic this issue will happen up to 10% of the time.

Dealer cannot replicate the problem, and now Chevrolet is telling me the car is operating normally.

Who do I send my videos to so this can be researched further? Thank you for your time.
I rarely brake when I use cruise control on the highway in L on my 2019 Bolt EV

If traffic ahead of me slows or I want to deactivate CC, I lift my foot off the accelerator or pull the Regen Paddle on the left inner steering wheel or both.

If I want to continue CC, I then push Resume on the sterring wheel to resume at the same CC speed or Set to set a new speed.

I will try your way when I leave my current appointment.

As expected, hitting the break during CC made no difference in my journey compared to your problem.

I don’t know if you are in an urban environment but look for an “independent” repair shop that specislizes in EVs and if they are able to fix the vehicle, present Chevy will the bill for reimbursement (at a minimum).

BTW: what do you mean by it occurring 10% of the time in a 100 mile trip?