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Oct 27, 2017
I've been lurking on this forum for a few months now, I currently drive a 2015 Ford Focus Electric that I purchased back in May 2015. Currently have about 32,000 miles on the car. One of my main motivators was carpool lane access (I live in SoCal). With my carpool access expiring in January, I'm seriously considering replacing the Focus with another EV. I also realized that I probably should have leased my Focus rather than buying, so this time I'm looking at leasing. What I've been seeing on dealer websites, newspaper ads, and in some perfunctory dealer interactions hasn't been all that good, with zero down lease deals in the high $300 range (3/36). A far cry from what folks seemed to be getting even just a few months ago, when I saw lease payments in the mid to high $200s for LT, low to mid $300s for Premier. I can lease a new FFE for about $220 / month (zero down), and while I'll only have about 110 miles range with that car, that's enough for my needs. But it would be nice to have the extra range for those odd times when I need it. So, please, any recent buyers, can you please share your deal, particularly if you leased your car in SoCal? Would like to know cap cost, residual, money factor, etc. PM me if you'd rather not post your deal publicly. Less interested in deals from more than four months ago, most interested in more recent deals.

Thanks in advance, and maybe I'll be joining you guys as a Bolt owner soon, rather than as a lurker driving a Ford. :oops:

I agree, not seeing nearly as good advertised deals (lease or buy) on the Bolt in 2018

Anyway, here is a great resource for lease deals if you had not already bookmarked it...