damaged my underbody splash pan

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Mar 2, 2016
chicago N/W Sub
We had a major snowstorm the other day in chicago, came home and drove over the plowed snow at the end of my driveway. Even though my wife had just drove through this i wasn't as lucky and got stuck and had to dig my car out and shovel a path all the way to the garage. I've been lucky in the past but this snowstorm was very heavy snow and froze into chunks of hard ice . Anyway took it out the next day and heard something scraping/dragging off and on. Got it home and looked under the car and saw the plastic splash pan hanging down. I took it to the local Stealership and they said it was broken and had to be replaced . They wanted $210 for the part and a $125 to put it on!
I found this online:
Im sure i can unscrew the screws and replace the guard myself, but look at the price difference from the online source to the Stealership price.
keep this in mind if you have the same issue as i did.
Otherwise I've had 25K of carefree miles in the best car I've ever owned, very happy i chose a "Bolt"