DCFC Stations for Boron, California

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Feb 19, 2017
Bakersfield, California 93305
In a region of California with a dearth of DC fast-charging stations, the owner of Love Truck Stops plans to install three 50 kW DCFC stations at a new truck stop in Boron, California. The station on Hwy 58 will serve a major east-west corridor that connects I-5 with I-15 and I-40.

There are very few DCFC stations in Eastern Kern County. Currently, Electrify America operates a station with four dispensers in Mojave, California--and that's it! There are also few public Level 2 stations.

There are a number of DCFC stations contracted by the California Energy Commission, but none are expected to be completed before June 2020--if then.

The Eastern Kern Air Pollution Control District has awarded a $50,000 grant for the Love Truck Stop station. They expect the station to be completed by late spring 2021.

This Boron site is in the same vicinity as CalTrans' DCFC stations under construction at the eastbound and westbound rest areas on Hwy 58.