Driving my new CBEV 283 miles from the dealer to my home

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A few notes to your report:

A) If you have the driver's instrument cluster in "Enhanced Mode" you'll see on the left alternating dark and light green bars. Each bar represents 5% of SOC. There are 3 white marks to denote the 25, 50 and 75 percent thresholds. It's a crude scale, but gets the job done. With the higher capacity of the Bolt's battery pack, getting down to 1% SOC increments is less necessary.

B) You can get the exact SOC% from the myChevrolet app which will give you it in the 1% increments you want.

C) You could have easily skipped at least 1 of the DC Fast Charging stops, and possibly 2 of them, and potentially just made it home with one stop. But given that this was your first outing with the car, and a long distance one at that, being cautious was the smart play.

D) If you charge at a high SOC, you won't get as much in 30 minutes as if you charge at a lower SOC. Best to charge when SOC is between 20% and 50% SOC to maximize your bang for your buck. I went from 21% to 60% in 30 minutes and got 22 kWh and 76 miles of range.

And most importantly, welcome to being a Bolt owner! Since you are coming from a Leaf, it will be good to hear what you have to say about the difference between the two cars.
In the first week the main differences to the LEAF I have noticed:

* The ride is a little rougher; I feel the rode bumps more.
* The steering-to-wheels ratio is smaller; it took me a few minutes to learn to not over-correct when the car got too close to a lane marker.
* The trunk is smaller; my dog soft crate barely fits in it with the false floor taken out.
*Of course, the one-pedal driving took some getting used to, but it did not take long for me to love it. I wish there was a way to have the car remember the L setting.