DTC codes U0077 and P25C9

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Mar 13, 2018
Yesterdsy, I got a driver information center message "Service Park Assist Syztem." I drove tbe Bolt and the message went away and did not recur. I assume that there must have been frost or the ultrasonic sensor or the like as it was a sub freezing morning.

Just to be on the safe side, I checked the OBD port this morning and see DTCs U0077 alternating with P25C9 for a total of five codes and freeze frame data. It looks like U007u is a CAN bus E communications fault and based on another article on this forum, P25C9 is brake control module requested ECM MIL set.

I haven't seen anything regarding brakes on the DIC and I have not experienced any noticeable driveability problems with the car. The odometer is about 1100 miles. I checked for OTA softwaare update, and the response is the softwsre is the most current version.

Does this sound like it is worth going to the dealer, or just chalk it up to transient bus noise, etc.?