Final eSpark adventure; time to move into a Bolt EV

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Aug 8, 2020
Well, I guess it's been fun- but a new adventure calls. I completed a trip to Joe's Valley in Utah in my eSpark from Santaquin UT to get some bouldering in as a way to send it off. I've done a lot of challenging drives in my eSpark but this one honestly takes the cake. In my other adventures I'd have all sorts of backups, cables and outlets planned out but in order to make this one more difficult / risky we didn't bring any cables and used all public infrastructure. Other than a brief 45 minute charge at the Tie Fork Rest Area Level 2 units we used exclusively DC supercharging. Also, I did it without a smartphone only having my Punkt. MP02 and a map of the general area. We didn't plan ahead really it was a spur of the moment drive. As much as we love the eSpark it simply cannot cover the distance I need to cover in the coming months as I plan to live 100% off grid in Escalante and Indian Creek for the duration of the pandemic. I know the Bolt inside and out, I've sold a lot of them, driven high mile Bolts on adventures to Colorado and know they can take a serious beating so it seems like a logical purchase for me. I do plan on towing a trailer home with it- I actually think it will pull a 16 foot trailer "safely" after sizing one up to a trailer I am interested in.

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Did you buy your Bolt EV?

The SparkEV and the Volt 1.0 and 2.0 were both incredibly engineered for their day and their purpose. They made it possible for the Bolt EV to be what it is today and the Bolt EUV to be released at the end of this Summer.

GM has finally redeemed itself from the EV1 debacle of the 1990s!