Fixing a flat tire (sidewall damage)

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Nov 23, 2021
The front (right) tire of our 2019 Bolt has a pretty severe gash/flat. Wifey scraped the curb while turning into a strip mall, so the damage is in the sidewall ( The Bolt frame is not easily accessible so I haven't been able to use the scissor jack from our RDX. The only option seems to be to drive to a nearby tire store (~2 miles) or GM dealer (1.5 miles).

Will there be wheel damage if I drive it in this state? (Wife drove the car ~1 mi to bring it home)
Can I change just the damaged tire (have 18k miles only so far)?
Do I need to stick to the Michelin OEM tire or would any other brand be okay?

The other option is calling AAA and having them tow it to either auto repair store.

I did the same thing a few months back and had AAA tow my car to the nearest Chevy dealer and purchased an exact replacement.

I was somewhat surprised that they did not claim I needed to purchase a matching pair (Bolt EV purchased in August 2019 and had about 28,000 miles), so the cost of one tire was fine by me!
I got a quote for $220 inclusive of installation from a local store. Will just need to get AAA to tow it there. Wish they had provided a simple jack.
I look at it as a fluke accident that was easily solved by some time and money!