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Jan 15, 2019
SF Bay Area
TIL it might be free right now via another post

After a Google search, I found which currently says "Listen Free Now Thru Dec. 6".

If you don't have a subscription (I already do), flip over to SiriusXM to see if it works for you beyond channel 0 and the preview/demo channel.
While YMMV: I have always found SiriusXM to be a good value:

I get continuous reception for my leisurely long drives;

Dodger games in FM quality instead of the local AM broadcast;

The included for free SiriusXM App on my iPhone and Smart-HDTV;

And good alternatives to my AM/FM and Flashstick options, too!
You know, I don't think I will ever buy Sirius XM radio. Here's what happened to me. I bought a used 2015 Spark EV with XM radio, March of 2021. Just for fun, turned on the XM. Nothing. just the demo channel. Tried again after a few weeks. Nothing. Again after a few weeks. Nothing. At the end of the summer, I get a phone call (how they got my #. I'll never know):

"How did you like your three month free trial of XM radio?" I said "What free trial? What are you talking about? I never signed up for a free trial!" [Quick check of the internet, I can request a three month free trial]
Me: "You know what? please hold for a few minutes." I run out to my car. I have XM radio working. Come back in:
Me: "Wow. It seems I have XM now"
XM: "Well, your free trial expires in a week. Do you want to sign up?"
Me: "Uh, no thanks. I was thinking of signing up for the free trial when I'm ready. Now I don't use the car enough"
XM: "Well, you've already used up your free trial. But I can give you a discount rate of five dollars a month."
Me: "What are you talking about? I never asked for a free trial. When I'm ready, I'll try it then. For free. How (and why) did you even activate it without asking me? And, by the way, it was never three months. I've checked it from time to time, and it didn't work [but hadn't checked it lately]"
XM: "Oh, well, we check DMV records, and when we see a new owner, we just activate it for you."
Me: "That's nice. I didn't ask for it and you didn't even tell me. I am entitled to a free trial on your website. So, when I'm ready, I'll do it then. Bye."

So, then, over the next few months, I must have gotten maybe a dozen phone calls. Same basic conversation. Also stuff in the mail.

Then, they offer me another three month free trial... for two dollars.
Me: "Hmm, then it's not free, is it?"
XM: "Oh, it's a free trial. It's just a two dollar administration fee."
Me: "Then it's not free, is it?"
XM: "It's a free trial." [Sounds like a Month Python skit]
Me: "No it's not. But thanks anyway. Not interested for now"

Here's the thing. Right now, we barely drive the car. After my son gets his license in a few months, it will get more use, and probably not til the summer. So, I was planning on MAYBE getting XM then, when someone might actually be in the car. but after this experience, I don't think I'll ever activate the radio. Ever.
Sorry you had such a terrible time with SXM customer service, and my experience with them is they are notoriously terrible! I try to not call in as much as possible.

But I do enjoy their satellite radio channels (and now they own Pandora as well, which I have used for many years as well).

My history with Sirius goes back to Summer of 2002 one week before they were going "hot" to the West Coast.

I was getting ready to leave for a 6 week camping trip of the 8 Western States, and I bought myself a Sirius radio for my Toyota 4-Runner as a gift for not wasting any money on motel rooms (only camping and staying with family).

They allowed me to go "hot" one week early when I explained the situation and told them it would be difficult to install a radio on the road, so they authorized Circuit City to sell me a radio, install it and authorize my service.

I picked Sirius over XM in those days, because only Sirius offered NPR Public Radio and I was a big fan of NPR programs. Ironically I discovered after I began my trip, was that their methodology was to not carry on the satellite and make you find a local NPR station for their signature shows, such as Morning Edition and All Things Considered. But it worked out well and I fell in love with their other programming, too.

I still subscribe and of course Sirius and XM merged. They have a free app for your smartphone that allows you to listen to all their channels (and more) as part of your subscription.

When I drive Uber, I usually put on The Beatles Channel and get high marks for my music taste!