Garage Door Opener Recommendations?

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Sep 27, 2019
Does anyone have any recommendations on garage door openers ? I currently have 2 Chamberlain “Ultra Quiet” or some BS marketing term like that. They are belt drive and are “smart” meaning I can hook them up to the Chamberlain IQ app and hub to remotely monitor and actuate them. I’m looking to replace both of them, even though they are barely 5 years old. My gripes:

1) They periodically open/close on their own. I’ve come home to an open garage door that I know I closed. I’ve been home alone and heard the garage door open, run downstairs to find it either open or in the process of closing back down.
2) The IQ wifi “smart” hub is garbage. Loses contact with the router. Stopped working entirely with one of the openers. Produced 20 to 30 false alarm alerts per day of the door opening.

I want a simple, reliable opener that’s quiet and dependable. Both my doors are modern, metal doors, that are well balanced and pretty light. I don’t need a massively powerful motor. The wifi connectivity is a nice feature but not a must. Seems I have Genie, Chamberlain, and Craftsman to choose from. Any other brands out there that are worth looking at?
The outfit that built my garage (30' X 30' pole barn) installed a pair of Chamberlin operators on the 2, 10' wide doors back in 2014. These are no doubt the low-end model, they have no WiFi, but did come with 2 fobs each. They have been flawless in operation. They're chain drive, I wouldn't necessarily call them real quiet, but I have nothing to compare them to. They have 2 bulbs/each that are not real effective as far as light, but I installed 75 watt Rough Service bulbs, so that's expected.

The door for my Nissan Murano might get operated 2 X /week, the one for the Bolt would be more like a dozen or more times/week. The doors fit well, but are lightweight cheapys that operate easily. The only time my doors are open when they shouldn't be is when I neglect to hit the button, but I am in the habit of looking in the RV mirror on the way out the drive to make sure the door is closing.