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Sep 14, 2017
So remind me again why doesn't GM/GM Dealers use the $7500 federal tax credit to reduce the MSRP of the Bolt before your lease pricing is in effect?

Saw the lease paperwork and they are not taking out the Tax credit to reduce the MSRP before calculating the Lease payments. I know I read GM does this differently than Nissan did with our Leaf and pretty much just pockets the money but what is actually going on here?
It is not correct that they "pocket" the money. They use the money to set an artificially high residual on the lease which lowers the payments. They expect to take a bath at the end of the lease and use some of the $7500 to offset this.

If you total the car or foolishly buy it out at lease end, then they do pocket the money. But if they apply it as a capital reduction, as some people think they should, then you (at least in California) end up paying $700 on sales tax.
Anyone think a 3 year old Bolt with ~30K miles will be worth $23K (an example of the residual we've been seeing in the "deals" thread).

If so, I will enter into a "futures" contract with you to sell you pre-owned Bolts in late 2020 for $19K ea. You can then immediately sell them for a quick $4K profit :lol: