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Apr 27, 2021
Hi Everyone. I have been thinking about buying a Bolt for some time and I have two matter. Maybe you can help me.

1. I'm from Europe so I cannot see it personally before order. Totally I don't know USA market, but I'm sure that order from private person is bad idea in my situation- like on whole world. At this moment I know three place (copart, iaai, xm). One time I buy from insurance auction and is OK- In short: I know what I buy. But Bolt must be without damage, additionally end price is similar to this what I see on xm (and I must repair chevi). Or I not understand something, or insurance auction stop's too high. Price in USA are better like for EU version - Opel Ampera.
I wonder to know that exist some other sure place to order and maybe I save some fee. In my country each lease company have own site with auction. Dealer sell car's trough popular auction site so it's no problem to find. So, where to search in USA 100% sure and used Bolt?.

2. How to check battery health or model for which Chev recall?


I'm not sure the US charging ports are compatible with Euro plugs. And then there's the import taxes, etc. It's generally not recommended to import an EV from the US to Europe.