just got my new used 2017 Bolt

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Jul 8, 2020
well, i just picked up my new to me 2017 Bolt lt kinetic blue. got it from carmax. $18999 with 19300 miles on it. happened to have heated seats, heated steering wheel and fast charge, auto dimming mirror. i felt a pretty good deal. atleast i liked it. had to have it shipped from reno to daytona which was expensive but i still went for it. i really like it. stiff choppy ride but ok. very quick!. anyway i just thought i would say hi with it in my carport.there are not many in Daytona thats for sure.
Woot! .. very nice ..

My friend who bought a '18 Deep Blue Bolt shortly after I leased my '17 Light Blue Bolt came over today .. .

Our cars had some EV bonding time in my driveway while we were relaxing & having a beer out in my yard .....