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Feb 11, 2020
We leased our Bolt because it was very cheap to do so. Our intent was to keep it through the lease as a cheap transportation method and then move on.
The first few months were a bit of a struggle because we were charging with the 110V EVSE and that was not enough and also the lease had a low 10k miles a year and we discovered we needed more.

After we installed a a 220V plug and used the same factory EVSE, our lives changed! All of the sudden our Bolt was always charged and ready to use! A life changer! That made us fall in love with it and eventually decided to buy it out while the interest rates were still low. Now we didn't have the mileage restriction on it, so we're driving it's wheels off!

Our longer trips are LA to Bryce Canyon ~1040 miles round camping trip and 2 "around California" trips that are about 1100 miles each. Loved each one of them!


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