LED Bulbs installed!

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Sep 8, 2020
Just installed LED bulbs for the front, rear turn signals and back up lights, and interior lights. Looks much better than boring old incandescence bulbs. Plenty of options for LEDs but just be sure to get the CANBUS built iN ones.
I'm not sure what "canbus" is but some cars (maybe the Bolt?) measure the resistance in the light circuits and if it's too high, it throws an error code thinking there's a burned out bulb. To fix that, some people add resistors in the line when they install LEDs. Does "canbus" fix that?
Lawstargate65 - would you please elaborate which brand/model of LED’s you used, and where they were purchased?

I was following another forum which stated that a Philips 921 was needed for the reverse lights. Unfortunately, that was incorrect. LED replacement will not fit in the socket in the same way the stock incandescent does.