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Sep 11, 2016
SF Bay Area
I thought that I would take a crack at this... This is "as of August 2018". Yes, "foreign" (non-avail in North America) vehicles are included (although there are no "China only" vehicles at the moment). Please contribute any vehicles I have missed. I remember that there were quite a few "look - we are making a new, cheap EV - fund us!" spiels over the past 2-3 years and don't remember the names of most of them. Only consider vehicles that can reach 45 mph (~70 kph) and with a range of at least 40 miles (~60 km). Thus, what are called Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs, limited to ~28 mph) in the U.S. don't qualify.

Current (haven't gone belly-up yet, but haven't released production vehicles yet in the US) :

- CityEl (>45 MPH / 90 mile range - still made in Germany by Citycom GmbH - )

- SAM (Polish, sold/sells in small quantities in Europe, 55mph, 45-60mi range,

- Solo (Electra Meccanica, B.C., Canada) - announced 100 miles range, 90 mph, one seater

- SRK / FUV (Arcimoto, Eugene OR, USA) - announced 70-130 miles range (2 diff batteries) , 75 mph, two seater

- Sondors (Sondors)

- Ampere (

- Edison2 (Vanderhall Motor Works - )

- i-road (Toyota concept/test)

- Nobe 100

- EleCa (australian indiegogo project) :

- shockwave (

- Corbon Sparrow 2 (2018 model)

- Morgan EV3

Historical vehicles (no longer sold) :

- Corbin Sparrow
- Myers NMG (re-packaged Sparrow, with better batteries) AND other products that never shipped
- ZAP Xebra
- Triac (by Green Vehicles - several dozen or so sold before bankruptcy ) .....

Companies/Products that never shipped :

- Aptera 2 .....
Electra Meccanica is a local company here in Vancouver. I've had the opportunity to test-drive one of their Solo prototypes in a parking lot, and for me it had the feel of an enclosed bike. It's a product that seems to exist in a market space between an electric bike (pedal bike or motorcycle) and tiny cars like the Smart. Unfortunately it's priced similarly to those small cars, and I'm not seeing a lot of room for it in that space.