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Oct 27, 2021
Hello to everyone. I'm new here and I hope, this forum can help me.
I have lost my key fob from my 2017 Bolt EV, I contacted dealer and they quoted like $600. plus gotta tow the car there!!! This is way too expensive... Any cheaper solutions that anyone has come across maybe? Any advice highly appreciated! Thanks in advance
Hi again everyone,
I wanted to post and update about what I found out.
Not a nice situation to be in and unfortunately, its expensive to get a replacement key.
This is why you should know a few things before you make your decision.

There are 3 options to get a replacement key (for key fobs and transponder keys)
1.Call an automotive locksmith- the easiest and fastest and most chances, the cheapest as well. Here is the number I used for a company that work all around, give them a call and ask hopefully they have someone in your area: 800-223-1453. If not, try a few local locksmiths to get a quote from.
2.Tow the car to the dealer.
3.Order a key online and have the dealer or locksmith cut and program it for you (if necessary).
Here is the link to read more:

don’t forget to mention to them all these details to make sure they have the right key for you.
1.Year, make and model of the car
2.Your exact location including street address and zip (for the locksmith to find you easily)
3.VIN number of the car located on the dashboard – very important
4.Make sure you can show them proof of ownership – otherwise they will not make you a new replacement key.

Now, maybe the most important thing, which is the cost
There are 3 main types of keys:
Non-chip keys: for older models – very old keys around 1998 and older. Most chances not relevant to you.
Transponder chip keys – have hidden chip inside – so make sure the locksmith have the tools to program the key for you.
Remote Key fob – push to start – chances are that this is the type of key you have. Very common for most makes and models made after 2010 or so.
The average cost is somewhere between $220-$400. Of course, do your research, this is only relevant for what I checked!
Here is the link for some additional information:

don’t be lazy, believe me there is a huge difference between the dealer and locksmith. And, maybe the most important thing: ASK TO GET A SPARE KEY AS WELL!