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Mar 29, 2019
I love my new 2019 Kinetic Blue Bolt LT! It's a wonder of engineering. I am finally doing my part for the planet. However, I have come to hate the driver's seat; it's just too damn uncomfortable. It's too narrow and the wings on the back of the seat are poorly padded. I contacted Chevy and was very disappointed to hear them say "that's just how the car was built". Clearly, Chevy knew the seats were an issue, because I understand they changed them for the 2019 model year. Not happy to hear Chevy doesn't care about my concern, but I still love the car and have ordered a lumbar support that I hope will mitigate the issue. I'll just work with it. Anyone else have this concern here?
:| I'm okay with the front seats, mostly. I'm a smaller build but I do find them a bit firm and rather than being distributed across the seat I have the touch points on my shoulder blades and extra pressure in my right rear where my wallet is. Chevy definitely could have reduced back seat leg room an inch to improve the front. My wife isn't a fan either but in both our cases the drives are short commuting and errands within 10 miles. So I'm only in the car about 15 minutes at a time and road trips are what our Forester is for. I will probably spend $40 on Amazon for a seat cushion and lumbar though since longer trips are possible with the Bolt. The seats, for me, aren't bothersome enough given the huge benefits the rest of the car brings to the party.
My 87 year old mother-in-law got in our 2019 LT yesterday. The first thing she said was...I love these seats! To each his or her own....
To me the seats are OK, but I am a new owner and no real long trips.
But I do take one repeated 1 !/2 hour trip (70 miles) mountain driving and seating that long seems OK.
Totally agree. For <1hr durations in the car the seats are OK but for longer periods of time they really start to hurt my back. I recently drove a charger as a rental and the bucket seats were so very nice compared to the Bolt. I would love to see an upgrade here. Lower back adjustments have to be a top priority on future versions of the Bolt. It seems very odd to me that the rest of the car is just so awesome, great tech, seat wamers, etc. Very well thought out and designed, but the seats just seem very cheap to me in my 2019 premier... just odd.
Many of you may have already heard but the 2021 model year Bolt is refreshed and the big news is supposedly much improved seats!!
jimbo62 said:
I love my new 2019 Kinetic Blue Bolt LT! It's a wonder of engineering. I am finally doing my part for the planet. However, I have come to hate the driver's seat...
Amen, brother!

I too really like my 2020 Nightfall Grey Bolt Premier (though, not a color I would have chosen in buying a new car). But for me, I absolutely hate the seat since I got it on 5/28.

The dealership was kind enough to drive 46 miles to pick me up, let me test drive it around my city to see if I wanted it (which I did, and we (the guy who delivered the car to me) both drove back.

Well, after only 66 miles of driving, and 26 miles as a passenger (not knowing my way to the dealership, I let the other guy drive), that evening, my lower back was wound TIGHT (I couldn't even get to sleep that night - Damn glad I didn't have it for my 10,270 mile road trip back in 2019).

And, I'm only 5' 9".

Tbh, this problem has me seriously contemplating upgrading when the newer EV SUVs come out (in spite of their safety record, I'm not a fan of Volvo, so the XC40 Recharge was not in the picture) next year.

Luckily, I have a solution that may help you...

Take a hand towel (or even a larger towel), and fold it (for the larger towel, either less folds, or larger folds), and hold it across your lower back, and get behind the wheel.

The folded towel gives a bit of extra lumbar support that I found very helpful when I was driving the company's Toyota Corolla.