LT cloth seats fraying and other problems

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Jul 27, 2021
I bought my Chevy Bolt LT in November 2020, and I only use the car for commuting ~70+ miles a day total.

I have the extended big warranty, etc.. and I’m extremely careful with the car. I never eat in it nor drink in it.

I just started noticing that the front seats are starting to pull apart and fray strictly because of my weight… (I weigh 180 pounds).

1. How do I stop this from occurring?
2. Can I get the manufacturer to replace my seat?

This car is starting to make my want to tear my hair out. The dealership mechanics stained my seat and I was too stupid to notice (it’s oil), the speakers vibrate the heck out of the doors, the center console vibrates and makes noise, and there’s something making a noise and vibrating inside of the dashboard (most likely a cable harness). The mechanics pull the “oh that’s normal” bull with me… honestly don’t know what to do….