Main USB ports (connected to main screen) Failure

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Feb 21, 2021
My 2017 Premier with 42,000 miles has a problem: my 2 main USB ports just failed. They no longer charge not connect the phone with the brain. The 2 ports for the back seat (rear of center console) are still working, but they don't connect to the brain - they are not designed to. I use Apple CarPlay daily and really need it. Has anyone either fixed it themselves or taken it to the shop and had it fixed? If so, what was the problem? If you took it to the shop, did you take it to a dealer or can independent shop?

I am worried that this could be a very expensive problem to fix.

thanks for your ideas!

I suspect this is a very specific Chevy thing and the dealer might be your best bet. I would try to reset the system (home +fastforward) and if that didn't work, disconnect the negative terminal of the 12V battery for a few seconds, then reconnect. If none of that time.
Edit: You might try changing USB may have a bad one.