Our Bolt is Back or How a 12-Volt Battery Can Kill an Electric Car

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paulgipe said:
I think my heated seat is coming on automatically and not registering on the dash for example.

I think what you describe is normal behavior. If I leave my seat in "auto" I can feel it heat when the outside ambient is cold and no visual indication is displayed. I only see the display indicate something when I take it out of automatic.

From page 59 of the owners manual
"In auto mode, the AUTO text is
displayed without any indicators."
Collimare said:
As reported on my thread for the same issue:

Good news I hope!! My service adviser called late today just to let me know it will be going into detail tomorrow to clean the seat and buff out the scratches on the hood. I can pick it up tomorrow.

The issue as he relayed it to me was they found a "draw" and replaced the MPCM2 module (I think, he was going fast) which is the main charging system control. I will know more tomorrow when I pick up the car and can read the lengthy report (as he put it).

Here is a link to the service report. I could not get it full size on this forum. The key to diagnosing the issue is intermittent high current drain when the Bolt is shut down.



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