Massachusetts- Quirk Chevy in Braintree = GREAT DEAL !!

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Oct 5, 2017
Bedford, MA
1st post as I just bought the Bolt EV Premier at Quirk Chevy in Braintree.
There is a program called Drive Green with Mass Energy, link above. They have a standing deal on how much off the MSRP you can get.
Mine was $5,500 on the Premier and they also said I could get the rebate at Costco too (thru costco only, you get $700 for Exec member)

It was simple as I had emailed first then called to say I was coming.
I even had a trade in (my older truck) and got a good price for it.

All in all took about 2.5 hrs from me driving into the lot to driving out. I had already driven the Bolt so I didn't need the Wine and Dine, just start the paperwork.
Sean was my guy. He was Very friendly and fast because he knew I had a babysitter at home :)

Now I just get to play with it and the 238 miles I can go.
I will be donating my i-MiEV tomorrow ;) Cute car and did it's job but just can't go far in it.

Now if I can just figure out how the lever works on making the driver seat taller and if I can take the headrest OUT and turn it around. :mrgreen:
Lin19687 said:
1st post as I just bought the Bolt EV Premier at Quirk Chevy in Braintree.
...Sean was my guy. He was Very friendly and fast...
Congratulations, and on behalf of Seans eveywhere, "you're welcome"! :D
Hi, thanks. I just read about how to get the headrests out which I so need to do.

I think the handle on the seat was suck or something because I was doing that. It finally moved this morning :)

Thank you, I didn't want to break it on my 1st day
Yeah I figured it out.

But I am wondering if the raised edges on the side of the seat at giving me numbness on my right leg :?:
I noticed it today after driving for a bit.
Oh the joys ;)
Yeah, of all the things to mess up on an EV, it shouldn't be seats. Every car has seats. I think they went with the sporty bucket seat thing. There's a thread on how to hack it expensively with foam from
I saw that, but I am afraid of doing that just yet on a day old car ;)
I put my old homemade seat covers on so I may just get my foam seat cushion and put it under it to see if it is the side of the seat or something else.

Oh the joys of getting older and slightly wider :?
Funny you bring this up. I just went to Quirk on Monday evening to look into leasing a Bolt. They had a lease "special" on their web site for $95/month 36month lease, 10K/yr, with $1999 down. Of course there was the fine print too, about all the restrictions. But, when I went to the dealership and asked about that deal, the salesperson didn't know anything about it. I gave him the stock number from the ad, but he still couldn't find the car. He asked his GM and the response was that that car "wasn't available" any longer. It was supposedly a base model with no options. When I asked him for the lease price they DID have available, he came back with $275/month.

Now, I understand about all the BS "fine print" on these deals. But at the very least, I'd expect that if they advertised a $95/month lease deal, that deal should be available to someone who meets the criteria. I think it's really sleazy to do a Bait and Switch like that. So I took a test drive, and did the negotiating with them until I got $175, $2500 down, 10K, 36months. Exclusive of tax and fees of course.

But I just didn't want to buy the car there, so I used that price to negotiate elsewhere until I got a match. I think it was a good deal since he let me walk out without countering any lower. But I was really annoyed by the Bait and Switch. I'm glad you had a better experience though.
I live on Cape Cod and hope to buy a Bolt fairly soon. I checked Yelp for dealer reviews. Kinda sad. Quirk gets two stars out of a possible five. Near the Cape, in Plymouth, is Tracy Chevrolet, with four and a half stars, which is where I'll start my search (I'm typing this from AZ at the moment!!).

You'd think businesses would realize that folks look up their histories on the internet these days!


This has the rebates listed for the dealers that are participating of it.

I really had NO ISSUE with Sean Mulkerrin ! BUT... I Bought, I didn't ask him to show me the car or tell me anything about it.
Just said I was buying at this price was a good deal.
You can do this all on the phone or Email (the girl who does the email was great too ! but I forgot her name, Marie maybe?) and then go down.

Sorry you had an issue.

Also wait till maybe Veterans day, the rebate may be a bit higher?