My Chevrolet app quit working.

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Oct 15, 2017

About 2 weeks ago my Android 7.0 cell phone started hanging on the "find new roads" screen when I try to use the app to lock doors, check range etc ..
I called Chevrolet and they said they'd been updating the app for two months & it now requires Android 9.0 or newer OS .. Lots of other apps work just fine on my older smart phone why can't this one ?

-- I am NOT happy with this action by GM.

Android 7 is ancient.

Android is up to version 11, released over a year ago (

I have a work provided Pixel 3 which on Android 11 and is scheduled to hit end of support next month ( I'm an iOS guy and intentionally chose an Android phone for work. I have never used Android Auto and have no plans to switch to it either.

Suggest you get a newer phone, partially so that you can benefit from receiving monthly security updates ( in a timely fashion. This is a REQUIREMENT for my work to be connected to our corporate Gmail, calendar, etc. Maybe get a Pixel 5a or whenever they come out, a 6?
Android 7 is ancient.

Well .. so am I and thankfully everything still works. :p ..
I'm on a fixed income, am not addicted to my phone like so many of my friends are and have never had a security issue b/c I don't expect wireless phones to be secure.

Every other EV related app I have works .. Chevrolet is the only one that's demanding I spend $500+ on something I don't need.
I'm Sorry, I have other priorities in my life and this really makes me feel like GM just doesn't care about service to customers.

Sticking with such an ancient version of Android opens you up to all sorts of attacks.

Every security vulnerability that exists on Android 7 that was fixed later that is unpatched on Android 7 makes your phone vulnerable to 0 day attacks. There's no patch.

Strongly recommend you move off to something that is patched regularly: either a modern not too old (and still sold by Apple as new) iPhone or a Pixel 5a if you wish to stick w/Android.
FYI: I tried uninstalling and re-installing the 'My Chevrolet' app ..
and now it works just fine again on my Android 7 phone.

*AyeJay scratches head* ..